IN SPIRIT'S Plant Sale Is Again Fun and Profitable

Something is always fluttering around IN SPIRIT's garden. Maybe it's moths and butterflies, but more likely it's our year-round worker bees Amy Valens and Marcia Gunnarson buzzing around planting seeds and caring for plants. Other helpers may show up like John Kaufman who maintained our sprinkler system and rallied to save us from a greenhouse pest attack. He worked with local school students to grow and deliver new seedlings. Karen Zaccgalini stays in the mix to be ready to set up and help run the sale.
We are very grateful to those who donated plants and worked at the sale, as well as the local nurseries and the many folks in the background who helped make the sale such a success.

icon Every donation, small and great, helps make the plant sale very special.

For several years, Don and Sita Greer have delivered truckloads of delightful garden ornaments and other decorative items to our door. Their donations are always a very big hit! Thank you, Don and Sita.