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A wheelchair user's' day can instantly go from bright to bleak when their wheelchair suddenly breaks down. It is usually difficult to get a repair promptly and even harder to replace a wheelchair whose days are numbered. It is not uncommon for people to go without their wheelchairs for months on end while waiting for repairs. It's a hard business for wheelchair providers, and many will no longer accept Medicare or Medi-Cal because the reimbursement is long in coming and is so low. Read More..


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IN SPIRIT has been helping quadriplegics in Marin County stay healthy and live at home since 1987. We provide financial aid for personal care attendants and assist with a variety of other essential needs and services that facilitate health, well-being and independent activity.

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What is so precious about living in your own home? For quadriplegics, it means having the freedom to make decisions about their physical needs and their personal care, as well as ordinary daily choices such as what to eat and when.

These simple yet cherished freedoms are not possible without adequate support for attendant care.

“The essence of Independent Living is the freedom to make decisions about your own life and to participate fully in your community.”  by John Evans




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To learn more about our work and some of the individuals we serve, please watch our VIDEO below. To see our earlier video about our client San Anselmo Sue, please go to About Quadriplegics.


“.…Independent Living means that disabled people want the same life opportunities and the same choices in every day life that their non-disabled brothers and sisters, neighbours and friends take for granted.”  by Adolph Ratzka